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My journey started in China and continued in Denmark, where I grew up in a bicultural home. Since then, I have lived in different countries and travelled to remote corners of the world. On these trips, I have encountered diverse cultures and seen how inner balance can be nurtured independently of outer circumstances. Working for international organisations fighting against social injustice has shown me that social change often starts with individual change and how we relate to each other.

These experiences planted a deep curiosity and fascination for different ways of living. It enabled me to understand the importance of enhancing individual well-being to foster deeper connections and create greater social good. On my personal journey, I experienced the benefits of coaching, yoga and mindfulness to nurture inner calm, balance and clarity. These practices keep me grounded and focused on what matters most. This set me off on a pursuit to cultivate body-mind balance, and I would love to share this with you through my body-mind centred coaching and well-being journeys. 


My Background

I have a Master of Social Sciences in Sociology with electives in Psychology. My academic background has given me a deep understanding of how social norms and interpersonal relationships influence our thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and behaviours.


Professionally, I have seven years of experience in coaching, delivering training and facilitating learning processes in social justice organisations. I am a certified somatic coach (ICF level 2) and continuously keep myself updated on new coaching approaches through courses and studies.

With ten years of global experience in INGOs, consultancy firms and academia, I bring a first-hand understanding of the intricate challenges in the social justice sector combined with strong analytical and facilitation skills. I'm working closely with other coaches, facilitators and well-being experts to offer a wide range of interventions.

I am a certified yoga instructor (YTT 200) and have been practising yoga and meditating since 2008, which supports me in cultivating mindfulness. Throughout my youth, I danced at a professional level and worked as a dance trainer. This has created an awareness of the importance of being in touch with my body and its signals. In my coaching, I use breathwork, embodiment, and somatic awareness to help you tune in with your body.



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