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The Somatic Compass 

The Somatic Compass is a somatic resourcing model that offers four somatic approaches to resource yourself and positively influence your well-being. This is foundational nervous system work that rewires your programming when practiced regularly. If we learn to understand and work with our nervous systems we can enhance our self-awareness and intentionally move towards resilience. The extent to which we take care of ourselves directly influences the impact we can make. By prioritising our well-being we can leave a bigger impact in the world. ​​

The Somatic Compass series spans four weeks and comprises four modules, each consisting of a 2-hour live Zoom session and supplementary learning materials and home practices to integrate the teachings into your daily life.

Module 1 Embodied Awareness

Being attuned to the messages and signals of our bodies is the foundation of our well-being. This is the core principle and practice of the Somatic Compass, guiding us as we explore different somatic approaches to resourcing.

Module 2 Inner Resourcing

There is a whole well of resources within you at all times. Learn how our most primal resource – breathing – can support your well-being, explore how you can connect to your inner islands of safety, and discover the power of imagination for stress management.

Module 3 Relational Resourcing

We are social creatures wired for connection. Our nervous systems are constantly interacting with and influenced by other people’s nervous system. Learn how to strengthen your connection with others while supporting your own well-being through co-regulation.

Module 4 Environmental Resourcing

Discover how to support your natural state of well-being through connecting with the environment and deepening your relationship with nature.
“The Somatic Compass course helped me discover and learn to cultivate my 'inner islands of safety', which I now go back to to find peace of mind during a stressful or busy day! The course is a good reminder that taking just a few minutes of time for yourself can change your mindset and help you overcome a challenge at work or in life.”

Djinda Gueye, Independent Consultant in Global Development


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