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Yoga means ‘union’ and the aim of the practice is to unite body, mind and spirit.


In my yoga lessons, I guide you through the approach of mindfulness: connecting the breath to the movements to support you in restoring balance. The lessons begin with meditation and pranayama (breathing techniques), which help to calm the mind, create focus and increase your self-awareness.


I offer Hatha and Vinyasa lessons as well as themed workshops, such as chakra yoga and ayuryoga.


Reach out for personal online yoga lessons entirely tailor-made to your needs.


Your investment for one lesson is €60 / 450DKK per hour. 

Combined Yoga and Coaching

Get the most benefits from yoga and coaching in a combined session.

Yoga supports you to tune into your body, listening to its signals, and accessing your inner wisdom. The poses and movements allow for emotions to flow and help create awareness about the feelings and sensations alive inside of you. Coaching guides you through the process of discovering the needs, underlying values, and beliefs behind what emerges during the yoga practice to create more clarity.

The combined session starts with an intention setting to focus the practice on what you want to change, improve, or let go of in your life. The intention setting is followed by pranayama, meditation, and a yoga flow with focus on your intention. In the last half of the session, we will together explore and reflect on the sensations, feelings, and insights emerging during the yoga practice and use these cues to guide coaching conversation.  

Your investment for one combined session is €130 / 1000DKK for 2 hrs.

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